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Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance

Fade Proof


Long Lasting


Intensifies Shadow



  • The tube lasts for ages cause you only need a tiny drop.
  • Your eyeshadow lasts for hours and hours
  • Intensifies any eyeshadow to give maximum look


  • If you're not used to using this type of primer the intensity of the colour of the shadow will surprise you. Check out darker colours on your hand first.

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance is a must have in your makeup bag.

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance Look
I created this look using Shadow Insurance

Don’t get fooled at how small still product is, It might be small but its Mighty. The strength behind this little tube of greatness is absolutely amazing. Its hard to consider that such a tiny drop could do so much.¬†Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance has the power to intensify your look and to keep it that way for hours.

The Product Itself

The Primer itself has very light consistency glides effortlessly onto lids. It creates a smooth even canvas for Intense shadow application and a stay-put power to keep it like that.
You don’t need much, a bead-sized drop is all it takes. Apply to clean lids with fingers to ensure flawless glide and even distribution. I always tap it on gently don’t rub the delicate eye area. I also like to use an extra dab over base shadow if I want to an extra layer of shimmer shadow on top to really make the shimmer shadow¬† pop.

Why is Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance so good ?

  • Unique binders gives eye shadow pigments amazing staying power.
  • Crease-proof, fade-proof, and waterproof wear for up to 24 hours
  • Intensifies eye shadow color to the max
  • Neutralizes any lid discoloration
  • Needle-nose applicator for no-waste, precise dispensing, only a bead size amount needed.
  • Thousands of 5 star reviews in this product
  • Decreases Eyeshadow Fall Out
  • Works amazingly with All Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Guarantees your shadows never smudges or fades
  • Vitamin E – Conditions, soothes and calms the delicate eye area
  • Unique Binders – Locks down eye shadow pigments for amazingly long wear
  • Use with powder or cream eye shadow products

I love this little tube of joy. As a makeup artist it makes my job alot easier. Thanks Too Faced for yet again producing yet another amazing product.






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