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Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette Basics was Urban Decays  first MATTE palette. It has six beautiful  Naked neutrals to create a soft natural look, or to build upon to get a soft smokey eye.  It has all that you need for that perfect neutral matte makeup look.

Why Use this palette?

This  Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette Basics has beautiful matte shades. They have a lovely creamy consistency and are easy to blend not powdery of chalky. There is the Naked Basics Palette which contain warmer tones for your olive skin tones, or the Naked Basics Palette 2 with cooler tones for your cool Pale skin tones.

The great thing about this is instead of having a larger palette with so many colors that are not right for you, you have one small palette with all the right tones in it just for you. These palettes take the guesswork out of What colors are right for me? Also consider using an eyeshadow primer if you want an even more intense look.


These eyeshadows are long lasting and have fantastic pigmentation. There color intensity allows you to go from a day look to and evening look with very little effort. They have a smooth velvety finish which make them easy to blend.

This palette is small tin box, but is  loaded with full-size shadow pans. Best of all, the slim design is perfect for travel or just to have in your handbag for top ups during the day or to color upload to take you to that evening look. So you never have to be without these must-have shades.

Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free and Vegan and that is always a thumbs up from me.

Final Conclusion

If you want an Eyeshadow Palette that is specifically designed for your skin tone, and one that is long lasting shadows and has fantastic pigmentation, this is the palette for you.

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Too Faced Natural Palette

Too Faced Natural Palette

Too Faced Natural  Palette

My Too Faced Natural Palette is my ultimate basic in my own makeup bag. I have one for my kit and one for my own use cause I just can live or work without it. This palette can take me to a day to evening look with a stroke of a brush.
When I teach workshops this is the palette I use and recommend as one of the best in the market.

Why this palette?

The Too Faced Natural Palette has a clever selection of neutral colors. Too Faced hands down have the colors schemes right. They even have it written on the side to help you Day, Classic and Fashion. They also have a handy little instruction manual for you to follow to get the look you desire.

What are the benefits ?

The shadows have excellent pigmentation and staying power. They are creamy and beautifully blendable. If you want a more intense look or some extra staying power their Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer is a fantastic addition to this palette.

The colors have been very carefully selected to enhance any eyecolor in a natural way.

Step-by-Step Instructions; Three easy to follow “how-to” cards teach you different looks for different occasions.

The packaging is beautifully designed in a little tin box. Its a great travel size to pop in your handbag to take you from morning to an evening look.

Too Faced is a Cruelty Free Brand, that’s always a thumbs up from me.

What else I love about this palette?

I can’t go past without telling something cheeky about this palette. Its the names of the colors. Its funny how excited my clients get when they read the names of the colors I am about to apply to them, like Sexspresso & Chocolate Martini. There is something cute a quirky about wanting to try out not just the colors but their name tags.


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Smashbox BB Cream

Smashbox BB Cream

Smashbox BB Cream

I came across Smashbox BB Cream as sample I was given in a Makeup Store. I had never really tried a BB Cream before so I was intrigued to give it a go. First of all I was interested in what BB stood for. Some markets call it a Blemish Balm and some call it a Beauty Balm. BB Cream has both the perfection power of a foundation and the moisturizing power of a skincare product. On top of that, it also provides a sunblock. So I had to give this little tube of goodness a go.

The outcome of Smashbox BB Cream

Well I wasn’t disappointed. My skin had that lovely Natural Look which I love and felt very hydrated and moisturized. It has a soft creamy texture on the skin so you don’t feel like your wearing makeup. Because it is so light it wasn’t sitting in the lines and wrinkles and making me look older.

I was so happy with the sample I went back to the store to buy a full sized product. Its a little on the expensive side but the benefits far out way the higher price. Its now my go to product for a natural lovely daytime look. When I am changing it up for an evening look I simply apply a small bit of foundation over the top as I still want the benefits form my BB Cream.

Smashbox BB Cream is a Amazing

  • Instantly creates even, radiant skin.
  • Works as primer as well as BB Cream
  • Perfects and hydrates
  • Banishes Shine
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Can be worn just as itself or under foundation for extra coverage
  • Great coverage for that “No Makeup Look”
  • 8 Shades to choose from
  • SPF 35
  • This a Cruelty Free Product


Apply a small amount with fingertips like you would a moisturizer.
The product is so light you won’t need for a brush.


Formulated without Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Phthalates, Oil, Fragrance & Talc.






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Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance is a must have in your makeup bag.

Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance Look
I created this look using Shadow Insurance

Don’t get fooled at how small still product is, It might be small but its Mighty. The strength behind this little tube of greatness is absolutely amazing. Its hard to consider that such a tiny drop could do so much. Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance has the power to intensify your look and to keep it that way for hours.

The Product Itself

The Primer itself has very light consistency glides effortlessly onto lids. It creates a smooth even canvas for Intense shadow application and a stay-put power to keep it like that.
You don’t need much, a bead-sized drop is all it takes. Apply to clean lids with fingers to ensure flawless glide and even distribution. I always tap it on gently don’t rub the delicate eye area. I also like to use an extra dab over base shadow if I want to an extra layer of shimmer shadow on top to really make the shimmer shadow  pop.

Why is Too Faced Eye Primer Shadow Insurance so good ?

  • Unique binders gives eye shadow pigments amazing staying power.
  • Crease-proof, fade-proof, and waterproof wear for up to 24 hours
  • Intensifies eye shadow color to the max
  • Neutralizes any lid discoloration
  • Needle-nose applicator for no-waste, precise dispensing, only a bead size amount needed.
  • Thousands of 5 star reviews in this product
  • Decreases Eyeshadow Fall Out
  • Works amazingly with All Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Guarantees your shadows never smudges or fades
  • Vitamin E – Conditions, soothes and calms the delicate eye area
  • Unique Binders – Locks down eye shadow pigments for amazingly long wear
  • Use with powder or cream eye shadow products

I love this little tube of joy. As a makeup artist it makes my job alot easier. Thanks Too Faced for yet again producing yet another amazing product.






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Makeup Reviews What’s Next?

Makeup Reviews


 Rita-Kenny-Makeup-Artist-Makeup-ReviewsSo What’s Next For MPD?

Hi Everyone, I’m Rita the Director of MPD

Well the plan is! There will be new Makeup Reviews updated on here weekly. As I go through my Makeup Kit I will explain to you why certain products are in my kit and why. I use only beautiful quality products, that I am prepared to us on myself or my clients. Quality does not always mean very expensive either as you will see as new products get added.

Keeping You Up To Date

I will keep you up to date with the newest trends and my latest buys that I have loved or what I was  not so keen on.
I would also like to share with you tips and secrets of the trade. How to and how not to use certain products.

My Makeup Reviews

You will come to see that I am a very honest person. I will only give a product an honest review if that is my true opinion. I am a positive person so most of the products on this site will be from a positive outcome. The ratings also show advantages and disadvantages of each makeup product. These is a great key for finding out if these are the best makeup products for you. If you are not sure you can always contact me with with your concerns.

Contact Me

I would love for you to also contact me with your feedback. Are there any products you would like me to review? Are you cosmetic Supplier and would like a review of your latest products? I am happy to oblige. I am here to help you in your makeup journey. You journey through your makeup life is very different from when your 18 to when your  55.

Lets get the right product that are Right For You.

Thanks for reading

Rita xx



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Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

Smashbox  Be Legendary Lipstick Matte is a Fantastic Lipstick

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick  has great Fashion Colours that are right on trend. My two favourite colours –

Screen Queen

Screen Queen & Unzipped. Love the quirky funky names like Publicist, Punked, Safe Word and Stylist.

They have Fantastic Pigment, are super creamy that drys to a good matte lipstick finish, without drying out.

This Smashbox Matte Lipstick is Moisturizing, and protects lips with shea butter + vitamins C and E.

One of my No 1 lipsticks due to being Matte but not drying out the lips like a lot of Matte lipsticks do. I can wear it all day and still feel like my lips are soft and moisturized.

This lipstick is also a Cruelty Free Lipstick which is always a thumbs up from me.

The packaging is off amazing quality, its a heavy matte casing which is super trendy and keeps the lipstick nicely protected.

Formulated without Parabens, Fragrance or Talc.

So if your looking for a superb Matte Lipstick with great staying power and on trend fashionable colours, from your naked nudes to your dark mysterious violets.  I would choose Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick.


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Lime Crime Venus the Grunge Eyeshadow Palette Review


Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette Review

I came across this fantastic brand Lime Crime a couple of years ago.  The first thing that caught my attention about their products was the vibrancy of the colours, and the fantastic packaging. Then I was told it is also Vegan and Cruelty Free, I said these products I gotta try, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Venus Grunge Palette Highly Pigmented EyeshadowVenus Highly-pigmented-shadows

The first thing you notice is how creamy the eyeshadow feels.

The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is so intense it just pops with colour.

The Velvety Mattes are a dream, and the pearlescent have an intense sparkle.

Longevity of the Venus Eyeshadow Palette

My next question was, yes great colour but will it last? Yes it does. The colours don’t fade through the day, no fall-out situation. Whether you used the Matte colours or even the pearlescent colours the long wearing stayed throughout.

The Venus Grunge Palette

You may ask why a grunge palette? As a makeup artist this was a very exciting colour mix for me. Do you know how hard it is to get such intense red pigmented colours. When I saw the “Muse Red” In the Venus eyeshadow palette I was very eager to try it, then when I teamed it up with the “Icon Brown” I knew it was a match made in heaven. Venus the grunge palette is a very clever product in the colour matching scheme of things. So many variations of colour can be achieved whether it’s a subtle nude look or that edgy grunge look. Whether you are off to a Garden Party or a Rock Concert this palette will work for you.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Verified vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free.

Their products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. This is a clear winner from me.

Venus the Grunge Eyeshadow Palette PackagingLime-Crime-Venus-Palette

Lime Crime have to be one of the best brands in the business for packaging.The

Palette is trendy and quirky with no compromise on quality.

It’s such an attractive product and would look great in anyone’s makeup bag.

Get Yours now  CLICK HERE.


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