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About Us

Hi All

I’m Rita and Welcome to my website. I have been wanting to set up this website for a long time. Its taken time to put it together but now that its done I am thrilled with the outcome. Now I can focus on you and my favourite subject Makeup. Now you can buy cosmetics online. Makeup products reviewed by a professional makeup artist.

I am a fully Qualified Makeup Artist,  I am very lucky that my work and my passion are connected being a makeup artist. I set up this website to share with you my favourite makeup products and tools that are out there in the market place. Also the products that are best suited for you and your needs.

As a makeup artist clients always ask me “What brands do you use?” “What are your favourite products?” and so on and so on.  My answers is quiet simple “I love many brands, different brands are brilliant at creating different products”. It’s also not all about price either, more expensive does not always mean it’s better than a less expensive product.

This website is designed to help with the confusion on what products to pick and why?

In my “Product Reviews” page you will find products that I have personally reviewed and loved. I will give you details on why I love the product and the advantages of using that product. The reviews will be honest and in my professional opinion as a makeup artist. This is not a negative website so only products that I review as high standard will be featured on here. If there are any products or brands that you wish me to review please contact me through the Contact Us page.

In my “Shop” page you will find products that I have carefully picked and are available to buy  and shipped directly to you. This allows you to buy cosmetics online. Makeup products reviewed by professional makeup artist.

I am aiming to taking the guesswork out of buying makeup online as I will only recommend what I would use on myself or on a client.

Rita xx